Green Soap

One of the essential supplies for tattoo artists is green soap, although not everyone knows what it is. They may also ask questions that could alter their lives, such as “Why do we use green soap?” or “And why isn’t it green..” To help you finally get some shut-eye—or maybe simply sharpen your Jeopardy skills—we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about it below. Either/or.

Describe green soap.

In tattoo and piercing studios, green soap is a water-soluble, vegetable oil-based soap that is safe for the environment. Most green soap is made from plants and is environmentally friendly, unlike regular soap formulations.

It sort of looks yellow; why isn’t it green?

The name “green soap” refers to the green tint, not ectoplasmic colouration! This soap contains no dyes; the yellow and greenish tones result from the glycerin and vegetable oil used in production.

What exactly is the purpose of green soap?

In tattoo and piercing parlours, green soap is used for everything from tattoo machine cleaning to preparing the tattoo or piercing site. For removing filth, blood, and tattoo ink, it works well. It can also be used to safely soak equipment to remove dried debris before cleaning and sterilisation because it is non-corrosive.

What makes green soap recommended? Isn’t regular soap sufficient enough?

The industry standard for soap is green because it has a calming impact on the skin. Additional moisture is provided by the soap’s oils, preventing further skin irritability. Normal antibacterial soap dries out the skin and removes its natural oils, making it a poor match for getting a tattoo or piercing because both procedures can be painful on delicate skin.

Similar cleansing products exist, such as hemp and neem soap, but they are usually more expensive and frequently contain perfumes and other ingredients that might irritate the skin. A quick side notes: Due to its calming and moisturising qualities, neem oil is a very well-liked aftercare component, despite being pricey to use in soaps.

In contrast to conventional soaps, green soap improves tattoo and piercing healing and makes it simple to clean your tattoo throughout the session. Green soap is a terrific and affordable solution to help keep your shop clean. Hot-zone green soap is typically found in Nalgene squeeze bottles on the work surface and is easily covered in plastic to avoid cross-contamination. When using green soap for the first time, check the manufacturer’s label because it should be diluted because it is marketed at full strength.